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Crime Writer Capering

Last week’s big adventure was the Left Coast Crime Convention 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, a meeting of mystery, crime and thriller writers and their fans. It’s largely (though not exclusively) a West Coast affair, but great fun for a Philadelphia writer to visit. Over seven hundred people crowded into the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix to […]

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Launching into the Unknown

So, yes, I am now a published author. I officially launched on January 12th, though my novel, The 8th Circle, was available in December. Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of publishing. It is weird because I, who like nothing more than locking myself in a room and pounding out words on my computer, […]

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The “C” Word

As a writer, I attend my critique group religiously. You may be saying to yourself, “That seems a touch masochistic.” Well, it might be, but it’s necessary. It’s important to put our writing out in front of others because when we’re alone in front of our computer screens we have a tendency to believe that […]

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