2014, Flashdogs Anthology, “Ken’s Bad Day”, “Protect Us From Evil”

2015, Flashdogs Solstice Light, “Morning Memorium”

2015, Flashdogs Solstice Dark, “Eternal Las Vegas”

11 Comments on “Works”

  1. I just finished Reading the 8th Circle. It was excellent!!! I could not put the book down until the end!! Hope you publish more books.

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  2. Am reading the 8th circle..totally enjoying it..what a great first endeavor…keep writing and we will keep following you…excellent excellent!! Passing on to my friends!!


  3. Hi Sarah
    I just finished One by One and was so impressed by your writing and your characters. I’ll have to go backwards to read 8th Circle now!
    I’m also excited about reading your next in the series, hope it happens soon 😉


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